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1 May 2012

: i am not an answer scheme :

satu    : tolong respect usaha orang lain
dua     : tolong hormat kerja orang lain
tiga     : tolong jangan suka hati main tarik kerja orang and tangkap gambar (ini melampau)
empat : tolong jangan marah kalau kawan anda tidak membenarkan anda copy kerja dia
lima    : tolong jangan sewenang-wenangnya mengatur kawan anda dengan jadual dan kerja anda

*i am not mad if u use the nice way to get the answer. its not an offence to ask! i never say no if u ask me to teach u how and what to do. For i am not that intelligent. i know it. i am not too clever and too good in all aspects. But at least, i did everything on my own. if i dont know, i ask. not copy. I know sharing is caring. But if we had a discussion about certain work given by lecturer, thus get the same answer, i dont even mind. But this is COPY. and to me its illegal and too much to snap picture of others answer. its kinda dissapointed if u did something on ur own, tried so many way to get the answer and ur friends just copied. Please dont do something rubbish Like this anymore. Please do something and put all ur effort in it, then u know how u feel to see ur answer be steal by copycat! and copycat is UNACCEPTED and FORBIDDEN to me.

p/s : to those who are willing to ask, and get the answer and elobarate it in ur own words, my congratulations and thank you. keep up the good work. u've done something superb yet showing that u'r respecting other's work.

seriously i dont like things like that. i'm sorry i'm not a good friend. sorry that i'd mad. May ALLAH bless all of us.


jangan lupa tunjuk gigi!

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